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Our model is based on the accomplishment of the improvement of life long education, through learning based on real-life experience. We offering a high-quality pool of services including consulting services for individuals as well as for the companies, providing education, and targeting society problems through or non-government units. Over the years we have been providing successful seminars, educational workshops, social consulting services, and mentoring individuals. 


We provide social consulting services because we truly enjoy the intellectual interaction and to keep our skills honed, not because we have to, nor do we have a burning need to build a huge organization and take every project.  The end result is we will be selective about the types of projects we take and the nature of clients we deal with to keep this fun.

We believe that being excellent in an industry, requires more than high revenue. It requires impact and contribution to society. We resolve to build well-being not just for us, but better future for all people, the people who have been denied the chance to lead decent, dignified and rewarding lives and to achieve their full human potential. That’s why we developed social consulting services, designed for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. We are delighted to support developing of social ecosystem, providing pro bono consulting services for social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.


Today, we are facing a global learning crisis. The current state of education is a long way from where we want it to be, and macro forces—such as advancements in technology and significant inequalities—are shaping what learning will have to look like in the future. New technology, such as advanced robotics, 3D printing, and AI, is resulting in new jobs; 85% of the jobs that today's learners will be doing in 2030 haven't been invented yet. These new jobs will require a broader set of skills than those we are currently teaching in our classrooms. Sadly for many workers, this shows no sign of slowing down.

We need to create systems that are responsive to changing contexts and are wired for continuous improvement. Without educated people, this world can’t become a better place. That is why proper education is needed to turn this world into a better place. Hence, we can conclude that for the evolution of a country, there is a need for education.

Personal Services

Life-Work Balance.  One of the greatest challenges of modern society. Oh, you think we’ve made a mistake. It is Work-Life Balance, a widely recognized concept that describes the idea of splitting one's time and energy between work and other important aspects of their life. Nope. We mean Life-Work Balance. We discovered that there is a unique and special career – parenting. With all the beauty it brings, parenting also brings the greatest challenges, especially for mothers. When to return to work? Who will take care after the child? Whether there will be a place in the kindergarten or is it a good program for mu baby? Will the baby often get sick? How will I cope with professional and family responsibilities? We truly believe that everyone needs support and encouragement at some point in life. We develop our personal services to support parents and families to achieve unique balance and enjoy their life.

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